Permanent Exhibition

Located primarily on the 4th floor of the Georgia Capitol, the permanent exhibition focuses on the Georgia Capitol and State Government. Highlights include models of both Miss Freedom and the Capitol Dome, Governor’s artifacts and replica of the Capitol time capsule.

Georgia’s Official State Symbols can be viewed in a case on the 4th floor along with artifacts from Georgia’s earliest populations. There are also numerous exhibits that feature Georgia’s natural resources, including dioramas that display the major climate regions of Georgia: mountains, piedmont, plain, swamp, and coast. On the first floor there are cases that depict specific geographical areas of Georgia such as the Marshes of Glynn.

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Current Temporary Exhibits

Early Civil War Flags

Where: Hall of Valor, 1st Floor, Georgia State Capitol

When: February 6-March 27, 2015


Sumter Flying Artillery Flag
Confederate States National Flag, First Pattern

Formed in Americus in July 1861, this mobile artillery unit was led by Captain Allen S. Cutts. The Sumter battery servedin defense of Richmond and later fought at the battles of Sharpsburg and Gettysburg. A member of General George Custer’s cavalry captured their flag when the battery’s position was overrun on April 8, 1865 – one day before Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.

11th Regiment Georgia Volunteers
Confederate States National Flag, First Pattern

This regiment served in Anderson’s Brigade, Field’s Division, Longstreet’s Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Mustered into service in July 1861, the 11th Georgia fought in most of the major battles of the eastern theater from spring of 1862 through Appomattox. Henry McDaniel, later governor of Georgia, presented the flag from the Walton Infantry that became the regimental color.

26th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company B

The McIntosh Guards, an antebellum volunteer company, mustered into Confederate service at Camp Cogdell at “The Ridge” north of Darien. The Guards received this flag, painted by a well-known artist in Charleston, South Carolina, from the ladies of Darien. The company spent much of the war in Virginia. The Lanier of Glynn Chapter of U.D.C. donated the flag to the state of Georgia on April 26, 2005.