Peabody Decades Screening: Requiem for a Heavyweight

October 21, 2013 – 8:00 AM


1950s Movie:
Requiem for a Heavyweight

October 22, 2013
Russell Special Collections Library Auditorium (300 S. Hull Street).

Rod Serling might be better known for his work on “The Twilight Zone”, but Mr. Serling’s talents were not limited to exploring the possible eccentricities of the universe.  Drawing on personal experiences, he also incorporated hard-hitting subjects like war into his work.  Serling’s stint as a flyweight boxer added an extra level of realism when he wrote the teleplay “Requiem for a Heavyweight”.

Our 1950s feature is “Requiem for a Heavyweight” from the Peabody Award-winning “Playhouse 90” series on CBS. It stars Jack Palance as a boxer on the ropes. Rod Serling won a special 1956 Peabody Award for the script.  In 1962, “Requiem for a Heavyweight” was adapted into a feature film of the same name (pictured right).

Join us on October 22, 2013 at Russell Special Collections Library Auditorium (300 S. Hull Street).  Screening begins at 7:00. Associate professor Ray Paolino of the UGA Department of Theatre and Film Studies will lead a discussion following the screening.

It’s sure to be a knockout!

If interested in other events, please see the complete listing of Peabody Decades Screenings.

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