Dr. Kenneth Crews, Columbia University, to speak on copyright at UGA Libraries

May 10, 2013 – 1:36 PM

The University of Georgia Libraries present The 2013 Lecture on Scholarly Communication

Dr. Kenneth D. Crews, Director, Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office

“Copyright and the Academy: The Battle turns to the Courts”

For many years, universities and some copyright owners have sparred over interpretations of fair use and other critical provisions of the law. The disagreements have been played out in congressional hearings, negotiations over guidelines, and efforts by leading organizations to influence policymaking at educational institutions. The debates have been robust, but ultimately more of a standoff than a true clash of powers. Much has changed in recent years. Cases involving copyright and education are heading to the courts. The litigation is costly and demanding, but it also is a chance to learn for the first time the view of the courts about the state of copyright law in higher education. The recent court ruling about fair use at Georgia State University (implicating the policies of the entire University System of Georgia) is a leading of example. However, cases are also challenging videostreaming at UCLA, the preservation of digital books at the University of Michigan, and even the ability of libraries to keep foreign books and other materials in their collections. This presentation will offer insights into these cases and pending developments in Congress. It will also examine reasons why the copyright issues that were once the domain of respectful agreement have escalated (or deteriorated) into litigation.

The speaker will be Dr. Kenneth D. Crews, director of the Copyright Advisory Office at Columbia University in New York City, where he also teaches in the Columbia Law School. Crews served as the expert witness for the university defendants in the Georgia State case involving fair use of materials for teaching.

Monday May 20 10-11:30 am Refreshments available 9-10 am
271 Special Collections Libraries Auditorium
(please note: no food and drinks permitted in Auditorium, only water bottles)

About the Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office: http://copyright.columbia.edu/copyright/about/director-and-staff/

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