Children’s Literature Exhibit

July 23, 2008 – 2:45 PM

EXHIBIT TITLE: Blossoms of Morality: Intended for the Amusement & Instruction of Young Ladies & Gentlemen: Containing Books on Divers Subjects for the Instruction, Edification, and Entertainment of Children

EXHIBIT DESCRIPTION: Children’s literature—books written and printed especially for the amusement of children—was almost entirely unknown prior to 1650. With a few exceptions it was nearly non-existent even one hundred years later. Up to that time only a small fraction of the child population was required to learn reading and writing. For these few it was considered sufficient that they exercised their beginning skills by memorizing their catechism and by copying from hornbooks. It the child born before 1750 required further education, his scholastic diet consisted of reading and repeating moralistic orations and tracts, excerpted from adult writings. Those stories, fables and songs with which children were familiar were mostly bowdlerized versions of the songs of troubadours of the Middle Ages, now a part of the oral tradition. These tales were still told by the fireside, most with a laborious moral attached.

EXHIBIT DATES: July 22, 2008 – September 26, 2008
EXHIBIT HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM, Saturday 1:00PM-5:00PM
EXCEPTIONS: The Hargrett Library is closed for all holidays and home football games days. For further details, please visit or

LOCATION: Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Turner Gallery, 3rd Floor, Main Library

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