Dr. Bill Kretzschmar (English Dept.) speaks on the Linguistic Atlas project today, 4-5pm.

October 24, 2012 – 10:12 AM

Open Access to a Large Digital Humanities Project: The UGA Library and the Linguistic Atlas

Dr. Bill Kretzschmar, PhD., Harry and Jane Willson Professor in Humanities, Department of English, Franklin College, University of Georgia
Wednesday, October 24, 4-5pm Room 329 Richard B. Russell Building Special Collections

As for many digital projects, the Linguistic Atlas Project (LAP) began with computing resources located within the research office itself, first personal computers and later servers. Now, however, we know that institutional support is needed to guarantee open access to research materials over the long term. Dr. Kretzchmar will discuss issues of institutional support for a large digital humanities project, and propose collaboration with the University Libraries as the only realistic option for long-term sustainability in this environment.


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