Off-campus access to ICPSR datasets

July 17, 2007 – 5:21 PM

ICPSR now permits downloading of its datasets by UGA faculty, students, and staff from off-campus IP addresses. Each new user must first create a MyData account from an on-campus location (does not have to be the library). Account holders can then log on to their ICPSR MyData account from off-campus addresses and proceed to download data. Please note that all account holders must still log on at least once every 6 months from an on-campus IP address to revalidate their account for off-campus use. Users who need to be away from campus for a long time may also contact ICPSR personnel (or Data Services Librarian John Prechtel) to arrange to revalidate their MyData account.

The Data Services Department has detailed instructions for downloading datasets. Instructions are for both on- and off- campus users.

This is welcome news because ICPSR datasets are transferred in zipped format which is not a permitted file type at many workstations on campus including all public and lab workstations at the Libraries and the SLC, with the exception of the two Data Services workstations at Main.

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