MLC is Now Loaning Kindles

April 4, 2011 – 3:25 PM

The Miller Learning Center is happy to announce that we now have a small pool of Kindle e-book readers available to loan to the student population of UGA (student ID required).  The Kindles can be borrowed for a period of 28 days and come with nothing installed.  MLC staff can advise you on downloading free Kindle e-books, adding other documents to the Kindle, or purchasing Kindle e-books (which you will retain access to through your Amazon account after you return the Kindle to the MLC).  There’s also an online guide to e-books at this blog.  The Kindle will be restored to factory settings upon its return to the MLC so your privacy is protected.

Have you been wanting to test-drive a Kindle to see if you’d like an e-book reader?  Now’s your chance!

  1. 2 Responses to “MLC is Now Loaning Kindles”

  2. UGA should invest in a larger pool of kindles. They are all always checked out.

    By Michael on Nov 11, 2011

  3. I remember when I attended my first year of school we were given “floppy disks!” not the 3.5″ but the 5.25″. LOL, I though I was big time!

    By Tim on Aug 28, 2014

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