Royal Society’s Catalogue of Scientific Papers

May 30, 2007 – 6:39 PM

The second major installment of the Royal Society’s Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900 is now online and part of your library’s subscription to Paratext’s 19th Century Masterfile. UGA identifies this resource in GALILEO as Poole’s Plus: 19th Century Masterfile.

The files of the Catalogue of Scientific Papers now online via 19th Century Masterfile include over 450,000 citations to all manner of scientific inquiry during the 19th Century–from Darwin to Freud. CSP indexed 1,555 periodicals in numerous languages, and included the transactions of the European academies and other learned societies.

Two major installments of Catalogue of Scientific Papers are now online for searching through 19th Century Masterfile:

Installment 1: The three Subject indexes produced by the Royal Society covering Pure Mathematics (1908); Mechanics (1909); and a 2-volume set covering Physics (1914).

Installment 2: Volumes 13-19 covering 1884-1900, containing over 400,000 citations.

For a quick glance at all the files now available through 19th Century Masterfile, please go to

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