Library Lingo: Bindery

April 3, 2009 – 12:16 PM

What is the Bindery?

Sometimes you will see “bindery” listed as a location in the online GIL catalog.  This most often occurs with print journals, and most often appears in the spring.  Why?  A print journal may arrive at the library quarterly, monthly, or even more often than that.  The individual issues are shelved in the current periodicals section (on the first floor of the Main Library for journals in the humanities and social sciences; on each floor in the Science Library for science journals).  Early in 2009, library staff check to see if all the 2008 issues of a given journal have arrived.  If they are all present, the issues are collected and sent out to the bindery, an off-campus bookbinding contractor, to be bound together into one volume that will hold the entire year under one cover.  The newly bound journal volume will be shelved with previous years in the library stacks.

How do I get things that are at the Bindery?

If the journal article you want is in an volume that’s currently at the bindery, you have several options.

  • Look to see if we have the article available online in full-text (search for the journal title in the e-journals finder.)
  • Wait until the volume returns from the bindery and is available on the shelf.  In the catalog the date the item was sent to the bindery will be included; materials usually come back in about 4 weeks.
  • Request the article by InterLibrary Loan using ILLiad.

Need help getting something?  Ask a librarian.

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