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data & reports

Clarke County Agriculture Fact Sheet
Data on row & forage crops, fruits, nuts, vegetables, ornamental horticulture, forestry, & animal production.

Agriculture Census for Clarke County, Georgia

Data on farms, farm workers, crops, livestock, value of agricultural products, and more.

Farm Subsidy Database
Data on payments to local recipients for farm subsidy programs administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Covers 1995-2006.

organizations & agencies

Athens-Clarke County Extension Service
An educational arm of UGA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Extension Service provides information relating to agriculture, horticulture, agribusiness, landscaping, the environment, and 4-H/youth.

Athens Farmers Market
A non-profit organization of farmers, craftspeople, and volunteers working to make local naturally grown food and local handmade arts and crafts available in Athens.

A collaborative university-community initiative to generate civic agriculture in Athens. Seeks to embed local agriculture and food production in the community and lessen dependence on the global industrial food system.

Daily Groceries Co-op
A community owned and operated food co-operative offering local and organic produce, food, supplements and more.

PLACE (Promoting Local Agriculture and Cultural Experience) promotes a strong, accessible local food culture in Athens. PLACE develops a strong local food culture through educational programs, networking opportunities, and increased availability of locally grown food.

Slow Food Athens
A non-profit educational organization that supports and celebrates the food traditions that are a part of our cultural identity, and seeks to save our food heritage from the industrialization of our food supply.

Southern Seed Legacy
Preserving the cultural and genetic diversity of Southern agriculture by encouraging and supporting local seed saving and exchange networks and conservation of plant genetic resources.

Spring Valley EcoFarms
A non-profit organization focusing on education, research, and outreach to promote more ecologically sustainable agriculture.


Athens Locally Grown
A group of nearly a hundred small farms and gardeners located around Athens who share a dedication to community, environment, health and the benefits of sustainable agriculture practices. Standards ensure that everything produced is chemical-free, fresh, and of the highest quality.

Canoe Lake Farm
A small farm that breeds and raises goats, sheep, beef, chickens and eggs using grassfed, freerange, pasture raised methods.

End of the Road Farm
A small family farm providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the local market

Full Moon Cooperative
A community supported farm and research center that invites you to rediscover the abundance of regional and seasonal eating by connecting to the land where your food is grown and the farmers who grow it.

Jim's Farm
A community supported farm growing blueberries and vegetables using organic and sustainable methods of farming.

Mills Farm
Organic corn is ground into high quality sweet cornmeal and grits sold throughout the area under their "Red Mule" label.

Roots Farm
Roots Farm is an organic community farm located just outside Athens that cares for the land through sustainable farming practices.

Washington Farms
Provides the opportunity to stroll out into a pumpkin patch and choose your own pumpkin or pick your own strawberries and blueberries.

Woodland Gardens
A certified organic market garden growing a wide variety of vegetables, micro greens, herbs, fruit and flowers.