Visitor Voucher

Faculty/Staff Visitors with UGACards are permitted to borrow materials from the Main and Science Libraries during their visit to the University. The Libraries notify visitors of any obligations incurred. However, the sponsoring Department or Faculty must assume responsibility for these obligations before any borrowing privileges can be established for the UGA visitor. If borrowing privileges are requested, the sponsoring faculty member must print, complete, and sign the Responsibility Voucher for Faculty/Staff Visitors

Please read the following before completing the form:

I understand that, if necessary, the Libraries will make a reasonable attempt to retrieve any materials borrowed by this visitor. However, I assume responsibility for any overdue fines, replacement charges, processing charges and damage fees assigned by the Libraries for all library materials not cleared from the visitor's name by the appropriate library. Also, I understand that in order to request borrowing privileges for this visitor, my own library records must be clear of all obligations.