Faculty Delivery

**Library Deliveries and Pickups are for UGA Faculty members only.**


University of Georgia faculty members located on the Athens campus may request delivery of books and bound periodicals from the Main and Science Libraries and the Curriculum Materials Library by any of the following methods:



Fill out the

Online Faculty Delivery Request Form


Fax a request to the Main Library (706-583-8300), Science Library (706-542-6523) or Curriculum Materials Library (706-583-0764)


Mail a request to Access Services/Circulation Office/Main Library or Access Services/Circulation/Science Library or Curriculum Materials Library/207 Aderhold Hall

If the requested book is checked out, a recall will be placed on the book and it will be delivered when available.

  • Library materials delivered by our Mail Room must be signed for by either the requesting faculty member or a designated representative of the department. If you are unsure about your campus address or if you will not be in your office to accept the materials, please give the address of the department representative who will sign for the materials.
  • The library mail room will attempt delivery twice to the address provided. If both attempts are unsuccessful, the item(s) will be re-routed to one of the UGA Libraries and placed on hold for you at the library closest to your office.
  • Item available notices will be sent to the email address listed in your library account.
  • The hold on the item(s) will expire 10 days after it is placed

Faculty members located at UGA Experiment Stations in Griffin and Tifton may receive similar services through their station libraries and the Document Delivery Unit.

All Faculty Delivery Requests MUST include the following information:

A book request 
must include:
  • call number, title, and author of the book
  • faculty member information: name, email, & campus delivery address.
  • UGACard barcode number

A bound periodical request 
must include:
  • call number, title, volume number, and year
  • faculty member information: name, email, & campus delivery address.
  • UGACard barcode number

Faculty Members please note the following:

  • There is a limit of 3 delivery requests per day - any requests over that limit will not be honored

  • It may take several days to receive a requested title. For this reason we prefer that the delivery service not be used for heavily circulated items with short loan periods such as journals or for items that are needed by the requesting faculty member for immediate use.
  • When classes are not in session, delivery services may be suspended.


  • The Libraries' Mail Room can also pick up materials from a department office for return to the Main or Science Libraries. This service can be requested by calling, emailing, or sending a fax to the Access Services Department as described above.
  • Because of possible delays in pickups, the service should not be used to return short-term loan items such as journals, and it should never be used to return items that have been recalled. The Libraries' Mail Room will pick up materials for return to the libraries as time allows. This service can be requested for both Main and Science Library materials.

All Faculty Pickup Requests MUST include all of the following information:

must include:
  • number of items to be picked up
  • faculty member information: name, email, & campus delivery address.
  • UGACard barcode number
For more information about the Faculty Delivery Service or the Faculty Pickup Service, please contact the Access Services Department at either the Main (maincirc@uga.edu) or Science (science@uga.edu) Libraries or the Curriculum Materials Library (cml@uga.edu).