About Us

The Access Services Department includes Circulation, Course Reserves, and Shelving. These units operate within the Main and Science Libraries and the Repository.

Department Head Viki Timian
E-mail vtimian@uga.edu
Assistant Department Head Mary Poland
E-mail mwpoland@uga.edu


Access Services - Main Library
Phone 706-542-3256
E-mail maincirc@uga.edu
Access Services - Science Library
Phone 706-542-4535
E-mail science@uga.edu


Access Services Staff
Margaret Reeves Armour Circulation Office Main Library
Mollie Armour Circ/Reserves Supervisor Main Library
David Bowles Shelving Supervisor Science Library
Charles Connolly Stacks Manager Main/Science Libraries
Hayley Cox Circulation Office Main Library
Hannah DeCamp Circulation/Reserves Main Library
John Hammes Shelving Science Library
Stacy Harvey Shelving Main Library
Ansley Hayes Circulation/Reserves Main Library
Jessica Higgins Circulation/Reserves Main Library
Jesse Hocking Asst. Evening Coordinator Main Library
Nathan Holt Evening Coordinator Science Library
Michelle Kean Circulation Office Main Library
Crystal Lee Shelving Main Library
Elizabeth Lord Circulation/Reserves Main Library
Daron Mitchell Circulation Office Manager Main Library
Matthew Pulver Asst. Evening Coordinator Science Library
Robert Rhudy Evening Coordinator Main Library
Brenda Robbins Reserves Supervisor Science Library
Byron Smith Circulation Supervisor Science Library
Ryan Vogel Circulation/Reserves Science Library